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Summer of 2010. Russia. Wildfires devastated almost all of the European part of the country. The village where Lesha lives was devastated in the fire.

Zakereh left Afghanistan several years ago. She escaped war only to find misery and hostility.


In the Sahel region, 226.000 children die each year because of malnutrition.

A passionate debate over shale gas ‘fracking’ rages in Bulgaria.

In Greece, the mining of the country’s mineral ressources has been presented as the most appropriate solution to the economic crisis.


After the death of a policeman during a native protest in Peru, the government accused the participants of murder and terrorism.

A filmmaker intrudes upon the reclusive life of Inta, a woman who lives alone on the edge of a swamp.


Famous for its cycling culture, Amsterdam's number of rickshaws has increased over the past two years. They are mainly driven by young people from Eastern Europe.


In the middle of the world’s biggest fruit and vegetable garden, the “Mar del plástico”, lies the Andalusian village of San Agustín.

The important tradition of Islamic education in Senegal has grown alarmingly and perversely.