International Competition

“The Great Gate”, an almost deserted Bulgarian village on the border with Turkey, and its 38 elderly voters have to elect a new mayor. Among the candidates, Ivan the postman has come up with an unconventional plan to breathe new life into his village: to welcome the Syrian refugees passing by their border every day. Following the three candidates’ campaigns, this film draws a tragicomic portrait of a sleepy village that suddenly finds itself awaken by the European crisis.
Under the Pinochet-dictatorship, Jorge becomes an instrument for the Chilean secret services, who have violently forced them to work for them. He escapes and becomes a war cameraman based in Belgium. Today, his son realises his psychologic portrait, taking him back to the places of his unfinished evil past.
The disappearance of the Aral Sea is one of the most disastrous human-caused catastrophes in world history. Once awash with marine waves, its horizon is now covered with rusty skeletons of ships and deserts of salt. Sea Tomorrow explores the backstage of this post-apocalyptic landscape. Even if the sea is gone, people are left; a fisherman with no fish, pirates who live in shipwrecks, an old gardener of saline soil… All of them apply themselves to live in aworld where the worst has already happened.
At 15 they learn to shoot, at 20 they are killers and they do not often reach the age of 30. Over the last two years in Napoli, a group of teenagers have fought each other with kalashnikovs in a forgotten war which has claimed more than 60 deaths. They often call it “the children squadron”referring to young rebels who manage to impose a new Camorra law to control the drug market. Under the indifferent gaze of the institutions, these young people have escaped their scholarly obligations,have had their teets destroyed by drugs and clearly express the feelings and passions of a known force that this part of the country defines as “normal”.
Samantha, a star-crossed singer-songwriter, lives alone in one of New Orleans' toughest neighbourhoods. By day, she works as a caregiver for the elderly. At night, she transforms into “Princess Shaw”, posting homemade a cappella clips on Youtube for a handful of viewers. She has no idea that on the other side of the world, she has a talented secret admirer who is about to expose her to millions of listeners.
A mother and daughter, are bound by painful, complicated emotions. They encounter a therapist who becomes the intermediary of the unsaid. Paweł Łoziński, he filmmaker, along with his camera, invites us to take part in their therapy sessions. In an intimate conversation between these three people, old wounds and deeply hidden emotions come to the surface.
Each day, that the waste we produce disappears quickly, but where does it go? In Plastic China, we discover how plastic waste from all around the world ends up in China. 11 year-old Yi-Jie doesn’t go to school, instead working with her parents in a recycling workshop. Going to school is all she longs for. Through the story of two families, the film explores how waste is recycled by hand and how these families lives are irreversibly damaged by their efforts to make a living.
The story of a great friendship and a shared battle. Finninsh Riita and Ugandan Catherine have some things in common; their work, a shared home and their sense of humor. Together, they broach women’s rights to their bodies, sexuality and life with religious leaders, in order to break taboos. Leaving Africa depicts the empowerment of women and its impact on individuals, communities and global development.
At just thirty four years old, the director Simon Fitzmaurice learns that he has four years to live. Instead of being shattered, he decided that his greatest defiance against illness would be to direct his first feature film. He drew strength from his deepest desires and despite total physical incapacitation, seven years later, he completed My Name is Emily (2015), directing it by only using his eyes thanks to Eye Gaze technology. This film becomes an ode to life where every second, every relationship and every smile has its importance. Can strength and the desire to live transform death ?
In the mountains of Kurdistan, a group of female fighters from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) fight against Daesh. These young women have left their families to protect others. Together, they train in combat, venture into war zones and then return to the heavily mined hills. Gulistan, Land of Roses exposes the hidden face of this highly mediatised war: the female and feminist face of a revolutionary group united by a common vision of freedom.