Village People is an intimate and philosophical portrait of small villages in north-western Bulgaria – the poorest region in the European Union. This mosaic film offers us a slice of life from rural Bulgaria through the confessions of the little people about not so little things – cows, life, faith, death, the benefits of dogs and mice, the need for blonde waitresses, Jean-Paul Sartre and existentialism, river fishing, old fortune tellers and the wind.
Salinas, a small isolated village of fishermen on the Mexican coast, a spirit wanders among the living, contemplating the coming and going of people and winds. A distant voice sings a melody. A poem of life in a community of fishermen and their griefs. A poem of life in a community of fishermen and their griefs.
In a remote and tiny community limited by the unforgiving environment of the Altiplano, in Argentina, a married couple of teachers created their own educational project. Focusing on the impact of this educational project on the community, Los Sentidos reveals the ties between teachers, children and their families, and also uncovers the ambitions, desires, and the obstacles of a community facing fundamental challenges in the near future.
Levante! is a collaborative documentary, set in the Gaza Strip, Hong Kong, Mexico and Brazil. Each story features an audiovisual item produced by a local group that uses technology to record the daily social problems in their country. Filmed on cell phones, drones or tablets, these personal records reveal much more than conventional cameras ever could. The citizens of the world demonstrate how technology is a powerful tool in bringing people together, boosting understanding and transforming social realities.
The story of a great friendship and a shared battle. Finninsh Riita and Ugandan Catherine have some things in common; their work, a shared home and their sense of humor. Together, they broach women’s rights to their bodies, sexuality and life with religious leaders, in order to break taboos. Leaving Africa depicts the empowerment of women and its impact on individuals, communities and global development.
The local communities of Colombia, victims of the intensive oil palm production extolled by the government, take the floor. Peasants, farmers and indigenous people fight hard to reclaim their land, to the cost of their lives.
The Castro was an occupied building in Rome, Italy. A shelter for those left behind, for many people a home which none of them owned. For more than ten years it has given many families a chance of life. Yesterday it was tolerated, today it doesn’t exist anymore. This documentary was more than a year in the making and reveals the everyday life of a community living in extraordinary circumstances. The Castro like a Tower of Babel tells its own story in many voices but with the same semantics: dreams and unresolved needs.