Caroline D’hondt
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Sun, 12/06/2011 (All day)

Alfredo Vilchis is one of the last Mexican painters of ex-voto. He perpetuates the tradition of painting small paintings that are offered in gratitude to a saint or a virgin for their miraculous intervention. Moreover, as a chronicler of his time, he also creates his personal exvoto, covering symptomatic topics of Mexican reality. He thus shedslight on the society he lives in, unveils the concealed social facts and provides existence to those who do not have it anymore. This developmentoffers a unique view into the daily life of the megalopolis and confirms the involvement of Alfredo, who reflects the struggle for life through his painting.

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Caroline D’hondt is a Belgian documentary filmmaker who graduated from the directing department of the film school IAD (Institut des Arts de Diffusion). There she made the films Crying,Eva and Le cri de l’encre. Afterworking as assistant director and production on various projects, she directed creative documentaries Correspondances, Jusqu’au bout du rêve, and Ex-voto. Shealso works closely with the documentary films of José Luis Peñafuerte: Niños Aguaviva, el abrazo de la tierra, and Les Chemins de la Mémoire. Caroline D’hondt considers thedocumentary film as a processthat is intimately connected to the relationship that unites people in the world and questions the human being.