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Festival Online: School of Seduction

29.11.2020 News

At the request of the public, the Festival Online returns to bring culture to the heart of the home during this special winter period.

School of Seduction by Alina Rudnistkaya :

In Putin’s Russia, where there are almost twice as many women as men and where men earn 30% more than women for equal work, women invest in workshops supposed to teach them the skills necessary to seduce wealthy men.

You can watch it for free right here.

To watch the movie: click on "Louer" and login to your Vimeo account, a coupon will cancel the difference of 0,85€ (no need to enter any bank details).

!!!Attention!!! Once the 300 free views are sold out, the movie will be paid again (make sure the coupon is still present at the time of purchase). However it will remain online until the end of the festival!

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