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06.10.2020 News

On October 18th during the Millenium Festival, more than 15 ambassadors of citizen expression from the Vers demain & Culture Unit will take the stage to give their opinion on 3 films: A Fish Tale, Le loup d'or de Balolé, Lords of Water using a key tool of their association: verbal jousting. These games of arguments have the particularity of imposing their position on the protagonists.

The ambassadors of citizen expression are young people between 12 and 25 years old who have been deploying their actions for the past 4 years in multiple fields, from non-violent communication to intercultural strategies, from public speaking to individual coaching, from cultural issues to environmental and sustainable issues.

The topics that will be discussed by the teams of ambassadors will be :

  • Do we live happier in a developed country? (A Fish Tale)
  • Can poverty be a source of wealth? (The golden wolf of Balolé)
  • Does life have a price? (Lords of Water)

Here are the links to their Facebook and Instagram pages

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