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Belgian Premiere 

Synopsis : 

In the heart of Ouagadougou, a granite quarry where nearly 2,500 people, adults and children, work in Dantesque conditions, on the fringes of a society that refuses to see them.

But in 2014, the revolution passed through there and blew people’s minds and gave them hope and courage.

And now the miners envisage a better future by freeing themselves from the yoke of middlemen to sell the fruit of their labour directly. The film is a plunge into the life of these miners, into the unexpected tenderness as much as into the depth of soul and reflection they show.

The screening will be followed by a verbal joust organized by young ambassadors of citizen expression who will debate the following theme:

"Can poverty be a source of wealth?"

In collaboration with the ambassadors of citizen expression. They are young people between 12 and 25 years old who have been deploying their actions for the past 4 years in multiple fields from non-violent communication to intercultural strategies, from public speaking to individual coaching, from cultural issues to environmental and sustainable issues.