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After gold and oil, it's time for the water rush. Populations are growing, agriculture is expanding, add to that pollution and global warming... Everywhere on the globe, the demand for water is exploding. In 2050, at least one person in four will live in a country affected by recurring water shortages... Enough to fuel the greed of the financial giants who have decided to tackle this sector by investing billions of euros. Strangely enough, some environmental NGOs support this liberal approach. They see it as a way to protect the environment. support from environmental NGOs. They buy water "to return it to nature", seeing this new liberal order as a way to protect the environment.

The screening will be followed by a verbal joust organized by young ambassadors of citizen expression who will debate the following theme:

"Does life has a price?"

In collaboration with the ambassadors of citizen expression. They are young people between 12 and 25 years old who have been deploying their actions for the past 4 years in multiple fields from non-violent communication to intercultural strategies, from public speaking to individual coaching, from cultural issues to environmental and sustainable issues.