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For the 12th edition, the Millenium Festival launches its first-ever edition of immersive documentary films !

The main objectives are to explore the creative potential of virtual reality in the face of social challenges, and to analyse its added value compared to the "classic vision" of socially engaged cinema. VR-Millenium offers a panorama of Belgian and international VR films, as well as a day of reflection on VR and its challenges in relation to SDGs. Audiovisual creation professionals, political and social actors and the general public are invited to this unique event. 

In partnership with LGDC Agency

    • 11.11.18 - Sébastien Tixador, Django Shrevens 

      Belgian Premiere / 12’ / Belgium / 2019
      OV (French, Dutch, English) 

      The Armistice was signed at 5:15 am but the ceasefire didn’t happen till 11 am.
 The film offers an embodied vision - through the eyes of Sergeant Broulard - of a day in the trenches on the road to peace. 

    •  THE WINGS OF MOSUL - Chloé Rochereuil, Hugo Clément

      11’ / France / 2019
      OV (French, English)

      A group of paragliders are trying to return to normal life in Mosul after the defeat of ISIS. As they fly over the ruins, they express their painful memories and dreams to rebuild.


      Belgian Premiere / 9’ / Spain / 2016 
      OV (English)

      On March 11, 2011, a violent earthquake changed Japan's history forever. Five years later, thousands of Japanese people are still living in barracks under the threat of radiation. 

    • THE BLUE ECONOMY - James Louis Hedley

      Belgian Premiere / 9' / UK / 2018
      OV (English)

      The story of a fisherman in Seychelles’s waters, intertwined by an economist’s report, brings to the surface the deep truth about oceans : to what extent is overfishing ecologically, and economically, sustainable ?

    • CORAL COMPASS: FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE IN PALAU - Tobin Asher, Elise Ogle, Jeremy Bailenson

      Belgian Premiere / 4’ / USA / 2018
      OV (English) 

      The island nation of Palau is powerless to curb global CO2 emissions. But collaboration between its people and resilient corals reefs is creating a new form of resilience.

    • THE OVERVIEW EFFECT - Chloé Rochereuil 
      Première belge / 6’ / France / 2019
      VO (English, French)

      "The Overview Effect" is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by the astronauts who saw the Earth from space. Astronaut Jean-François tells his story from a legendary astronomical observatory at the top of the Pyrenees Mountain.


      - Precise dates and times will be communicated to you asap!

      - 1 hour session for 6€ > tickets will be on sale soon at the Cinema PALACE online box office and on site. The screenings schedule will be available when tickets are on sale.

      - Spectators buy a ticket to watch the 6 VR films in a row inside our installation. Every 15 minutes, one person begins the immersive experience. Spectators must arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session at the reception point. 

      - The performances start on time. In the event of a delay, access will not be guaranteed.