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06.06.2021 News

"The Man who was Looking for his Son" by Stéphane Correa & Delphine Deloget

In cinema Vendôme on Saturday 12.06 at 20:00  ➽ Ticket 

Ten years ago, Wu lost his one-year-old son, kidnapped in his own house during the night. Convinced that his son was sold to another family, Wu does not give up hope. When the Chinese authorities' indifference becomes insufferable, Wu decides to take matters into his own hands and sets out on a journey across China on his bicycle, determined not to stop his search until he finds his son. After ten years of searching, his quest seems crazier than ever. An intimate and deeply moving portrait of this orphaned father, this documentary also highlights the surprising and contrasting reactions of Chinese society to a phenomenon that is by no means marginal.

Language : Chinese - Subtitles : English, French


This film received the award  "Objectif d'Or - Grand Prix du Festival" in the international competition and will be introduced by Olivier Magis.



"Play God" by  Anne-Lise Michoud

In cinema Galeries on Sunday 13.06 at 21:00 ➽ Ticket 

In a context of fervent devotion to the most adored saints of Mexico City, a new figure was born: Santa Anima. It celebrates the very essence of mankind: creation. Its cult, dedicated to the imagination, invites it to become a creator and artist.

The film questions beliefs in the broadest sense and the human need for fiction, creation and representation. If art can exist without religion, can religion exist without art? Is religion an avatar of artistic creation?

Language : Spanish - Subtitles : French


This film received the award "Special Jury Prize - Most Original and Innovative Film" in the international competition,  and will be introduced by Caroline D'Hondt. 

"Ophir" by Olivier Pollet & Alexandre Berman

In cinema Vendôme on Monday 14.06 at 20:00 ➽ Ticket

Located in the Solomon Islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, Bougainville is part of Papua New Guinea. Ophir looks back at the history of a people who have suffered colonisation but are still seeking freedom and independence. An anthropological and historical documentary that thoroughly deciphers the mechanisms and mutations of a colonialism that is still far from being totally over.

Language : English, Tok pidgin, Nasioi - Subtitles : English, French

This film was awarded the "Silver Lens - Best Film on Sustainable Development" in the international competition. 


"School of hope" by Mohamed El Aboudi

In cinema CIVA on Thursday 17.06 at 19:00 ➽ Ticket

For the past ten years or so, climate change and agricultural overexploitation have forced nomad tribes from the high plateau of Atlas in Morocco to become sedentary. Many are those who left for the city but found nothing but misery. The other option is to stay, for the long run, which means that they now have to plan the future, starting by building a school.

This is how a tribe in the desert decided to stay on its land and fight for an education for its children. A dream that does not come true without difficulties, because when a child goes to school, they cannot work next to their parents.

Language : Arabic - Subtitles : French


This film was awarded the "Bronze Lens - Best Human Rights Film" in the international competition. 


"PostWar Album" by Àngel Leiro & Airy Maragall

In cinema CIVA on Friday 18.06 at 19:00 ➽ Ticket

25 years after the siege of Sarajevo, the Spanish war reporter Gervasio Sánchez returns to the scene. There he meets the adults he photographed as a child, having chosen to capture life rather than death and destruction on film. What memories do these survivors have of this period as children? How did this incomprehensible and absurd war change their lives? What scars did it leave on them forever?

A deeply human documentary in which Gervasio Sánchez's photographic aesthetics are commensurate with the testimonies collected.

Language : English, Spanish, Bosnian - Subtitles : English, French


This film received the "Audience Award" in the international competition. 

  • How can a contemporary artist who uses images, detach himself from the tyranny of the number of so-called "distributive" images?

  • How can we create images with content and meaning in a sustainable way and prevent them from being overwhelmed by our new modes of "communication"? 

These are the questions on which the discussion following the screening will focus, with the presence of the photographer, Norma Pendergast.
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