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01.02.2019 News

For this new edition of L'HEURE D'HIVER, in collaboration with Cinéma Aventure, BOZAR, Atelier 210, Zawya and Cimatheque, CINEMA GALERIES presents a focus on Cairo and Egyptian cinema. Zlatina Rousseva, our artistic director, will lead the discussion on the film "Ana Ana" in the presence of the director Petr Lom. A film that, alongside "AMAL", questions the "January revolution" from the point of view of women and revolves around an essential if non-existent question: have their rights evolved?


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Docs for Climate

19.03.2019 b

The movement initiated by the Great March for Climate, which brought together several tens of thousands of people in Belgium, confirmed our idea of offering you an event on the theme of the environment. Throughout the day of Sunday, March 24 at the Cinéma Vendôme, come and discover powerful documentaries on climate change and justice and our consumption patterns. Come and participate in the debates planned in the margins of the projections.

The Most Awarded Worldwide

17.03.2019 -

The Most Awarded Worldwide category features films that have been selected and awarded at several festivals around the world. Since they already had their hour of glory, they are not in our competitions but are still among our program because they remain challenging and of great artistic quality.

International Competition and Objectif d'Or

14.03.2019 g

This competition highlights films that deal with the major issues of our time, while overturning our vision of the world and that stand out for the quality and originality of their directors' eyes. These sensitive and touching films will introduce you to characters determined to have an impact on the world around them. The documentary that carries its message with the greatest strength and authenticity will receive the Golden Objective.