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Filming the SDG's

28.01.2020 News

Filming the SDG’s

A national educational project for young people (8 to 26 year olds) focusing on sustainable development goals (SDGs) and more specifically on climate change, social inequalities, education and living together.

The aim is to contribute to the reflection and citizen mobilization of youth through culture but also to generate dialogue with decision-makers.

. What are SDGs? 

These goals were set in 2015 by the 193 countries that are part of the United Nations. They represent a commitment on their part to achieve three global goals in the next fifteen years (2030): ending extreme poverty, combating inequality and injustice, and addressing climate change. Discover the 17 goals here.

. An educational project in several phases : 

A first phase of ONLINE trainings in May/June, other trainings with specialists, a video competition and the FSDG'S day in November with the award ceremony and a meeting between young people and decision-makers.

. Training in videos - May 2020 

We offer video training for two age groups: 8-12 year olds and 13-18 year olds.

They include various videos, fictions or documentaries, each followed by a questionnaire to help them understand the subject and develop their thinking. 

To prepare the young people, several themes will be addressed in order to acquire a global vision on solutions for the environment, but also to become aware of the realities and economic inequalities of other countries, the importance of interconnection in the globalized world, as well as the consequences of over-consumption. 

>> Access to the trainings

Further training courses will be organized in the future. They will cover different levels of skills - thematic, creative, technical, etc. - and will be based on a variety of themes. They will enable young people to acquire knowledge, but also to develop and structure their ideas and prepare for dialogue with policy-makers. 

. The training courses

Organize screenings and discussions with specialists and artists to: sensitize and inspire young people with different forms of audiovisual expression, help young people structure their ideas, better understand the problems and issues of environmental sustainability and find effective solutions.

By registration, several stages of information and training will be made available to young people.

. The video contest
The aim of the competition is to express itself on sustainable development through a first cinematic draft. A video of 1 to 14 minutes, fiction or documentary, of your choice, dealing with one of the following subjects: global warming, the disappearance of biodiversity, responsible consumption, interaction and interdependence in the world. We encourage films that offer solutions, alternatives and constructive reflection on these issues; films that reflect on how to contribute to a healthy environment, sustainable ecology and a future for all species. We believe that youth are the bearers of new ideas and that their views deserve to be heard.

. Filming for the SDG's Day

It will take place on 12 November in Flagey. The aim of this day is to mentor young people, mobilise teachers, partners and a large network of collaborators. Several decision-makers will also take part in this meeting in order to establish contact with young people and talk about their ideas and expectations.
Several stands will be set up to promote solutions for a sustainable environment.
Workshops on different themes for the protection of the environment will be held throughout the day. The day will end with the award ceremony with artists and musicians. The best videos will be awarded prizes.

>> Registration for the November 2020 meeting

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