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14.09.2020 News

The Millenium Festival is coming back with some news! This year, we're offering you a new kind of selection: more than 50 movies shown in theaters and a selection of films for online-screening only.

We are aware that new borders appear everyday, visible or not, internal or external. These demarcation lines are often blurred but extremely powerful.

This is why, by broadcasting movies online, we invite you to explore these borders, to push them back, and to learn the right lessons from the ordeal we went through. Above all, we invite you to experience privileged moments of sharing and togetherness. Cinema and artists need your support, your feedback, and your love, now more than ever.

Attention, each film will only be available for 300 views.

Available online:

100 Million Views – 12/10

17 Blocks – 07/10

Jawline  – 08/10

La mosquée de mon voisin – 06/10

Lady Time – 05/10

No place for angels – 17/10

Prisons sans barreaux – 18/10

Q's barbershop – 13/10

Ringside – 09/10

School of Seduction – 14/10

Strip and war – 15/10

Taste of Hope – 19/10

The 14th February & Beyond – 23/10

The Circle – 20/10

The Pit – 21/10

Waterproof – 22/10

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