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Digital Citizens

03.02.2020 News

Focus - Digitalization

This focus is concerned with the digitalization of our world. How has it profoundly impacted our lifestyles and consumption patterns? 

Today, our lives are almost inevitably shaped by social networks. But what are their undersides? How do their algorithms influence our lifestyles, consumption patterns, desires and emotions?

"Digital Citizens" will propose various documentaries followed by discussions to better understand the issues and impacts of digitalization.  

Discover our selection of films :

  • "100 Millions de vues" - Itamar Rose - 60" - Israel, Germany

Itamar Rose tries to discover the recipe for YouTube success. In his own attempt ton go viral, the Israeli satirical activist and ineffective content creator comes up against gatekeepers and power monopolies. With humour and caustic wit, he helps us discover how YouTube crafts the dreams of an entire generation and silences the voices of millions.


Stay tuned !

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