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Filming the SDG's online training courses

As part of our educational project "Fiming the SDG's", we organize trainings for young people.
These trainings consist of videos, fictitious or documentary, to be watched and each followed by a small questionnaire allowing the young people to go further, to allow them to develop their reflection.

These trainings focus on different themes: climate change, social inequalities and education and living together.

They are aimed at two different age groups: 8-12 year olds and 13-18 year olds.

Trainings closed on 15th of June 2020. 

Trainings for 8-12 years

Elliot & Elliott

An animated film about Elliott, a little boy. It’s also a movie about the inequalities Elliott suffered because he was born in a poor country. At the same time, we follow the life of another Elliot, a child of the same age raised in a rich country.

Panique à bord

An animated film on the possible harmful consequences of pollution from shipping.

Micro-trottoir sur les enjeux climatiques

Interviews about climate change.


Animated film on the balance of ecosystems.

Les conseils du docteur Kosta Stroff

Film made by a primary school class, giving advice on global warming.

Dies Irae


Trainings for 13-18 years

Recipes for Disaster

Director John Webster convinces his wife and two small children that the whole family should go on an oil-free diet. In this comedy of errors they find themselves questioning their values and putting to test their will power and ultimately, their happiness.

Le veilleur

A few months ago, Guandong became a caretaker at the Central Music Conservatory in Beijing: his 14-year-old son passed the entrance exam to study the French horn there. But both of them dream of him going abroad. In the meantime, the family home in Jinan has just been razed to the ground - now their life is at the conservatory. No one suspects their parentage. But Guandong watches over his son from his position as a caretaker.

The Way Back

Hussein crossed land, sea and borders to reach Brussels from Baghdad. A year later, he decided to go backwards. From Brussels to Athens, Hussein takes us on the road of thousands of migrants giving voice to the forgotten.


In Ghana, thousands of young girls are sent away from their families to work in markets. Their wages are necessary to enable their families to survive and their brothers to go to school.


A film about inventions that never saw the light of day for dark reasons...


Azadi means "freedom" in Persian. In 2016, a controversial agreement was signed between the European Union and Turkey to prevent refugees from making the short but perilous crossing to the Greek islands. Refugees arriving on these islands have to wait indefinitely for their asylum applications to be processed. This documentary depicts the unusual transit zone that the island of Lesbos has become, through the eyes of two Pakistani refugees and a local fishing community.