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ATTENTION: Due to the postponement of the festival, thiis event will take place in September. We will inform you of the new arrangements as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. 

In Collaboration with the Radio Sound Making-Workshop (ACSR)

The Millenium Festival wants to stop the cinema projector one afternoon to invite the audience into the space of listening and let the presence and the clinking of the sound take up the whole space around and on the imaginary screen.

For this edition, we suggest you to discover three writings of documentaries - each puts light to a “past” and to “a present” in their own way : who to choose, what to give, what do we leave behind us ? what to expect tomorrow? 

Steps taken for the documentaries out of different necessities, to Fanny Lacrosse, Dimitri Merchie, Benoît Luporsi, who get our attention in three different ways.

After each listening, the audience will have the pleasure of hearing the authors, with dear Paola Stevenne’s help, also author and director.

>> A ticket gives you access to the three screenings

Program :

Opening by Paola Stevenne with Zlatina Rousseva (Artistic Director of the Millenium Festival), Benoît Luporsi, Dimitri Merchie and Fanny Lacrosse.

Quand il fait beau c’est pas plus moche qu’ailleurs !... | Benoit Luporsi | 1st part - 49 min | 2019

In this sound portrait of the Meuse department, Benoit Luporsi conducts an exhaustive investigation of a landfill project for radioactive waste by National Agency For Radioactive Waste Management. 

The session will broadcast only the first part of this production produced by Axolotl, with the support of the acsr and the FACR of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the acsr.
Meeting with Benoit Luporsi

Choisir et après | Dimitri Merchie | 42 min | 2019

In 2010, one year after his second child’s birth, Dimitri got a vasectomy. Without full knowledge of this life choice, Dimitri finds new discoveries about a decision intended toward good will. 

A documentory produced by usine(bis), with the support of the acsr and of FACR of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Meeting with Dimitri Merchie

Naufrage en pleine terre | Fanny Lacrosse | 49 min | 2019

It’s The story ... of a legacy, 

A sort of disenchanted tale, passed down from mother to daughter, a loose heap in which the story of a family is tied up. 

Once upon a time “Shipwrecked in the open”. 

A RTBF production with the support of the acsr.

Meeting with Fanny Lacrosse