My Barefoot Friend

Seong Gyou Lee
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dim, 12/06/2011 (Jour entier)

Shallim est conducteur de pousse-pousse. Il épargne chaque sou pour accomplir son rêve : acheter une riccha à moteur. Mais sa femme tombe gravement malade et l’argent file dans le traitement. Un choix douloureux entre le rêve et la réalité.

Bio du Réalisateur: 

Seong Gyou Lee was born in Chuncheon, South Korea in 1963. Lee studied social welfare and began his career as a screenwriter for radio and TV in 1990. Shortly after, he starteddirecting and producing documentaries. Besides filmmaking, Lee has worked as a freelancejournalist. His main focus has been on Nepali and Indian migrant workers and their social and cultural issues. Amongst overa dozen documentaries he directed and produced, Lee produced Children of God, which travelled around the world at festivals such as Hotdocs 2009, winning a NETPAC award and Telly award.