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Bernard Maris, alias Uncle Bernard, was assassinated on the 7th of January 2015 during the Charlie Hebdo’s attack. Shot on March 2000, in the context of the movie called L’encerclement la démocratie dans les rets du néolibéralisme,  this fascinating interview with Uncle B. represents a true “anti­lesson” of economy. Without embellishment nor artifice, the director gives space to the rich, dissenting and caustic talk of Maris. In total freedom, Maris hammers constantly striking truths that knock down the dogmas perpetually brought up by the vibrating heart of the domesticity of the economic “science”. Astounding popularizer to whom the panache, the eloquence, the erudition and the alacrity manage to drive fascinating the most sterile topics, Uncle Bernard spreads out over this interview a courageous idea thanks to its originality, which turns out to be highly valuable at this time of intellectual resignation and economic austerity.

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