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Environment Environnement

Belgian Premiere 


Eirik Mo Erlend, his wife and their three children lead a picture-perfect life on an idyllic farm in Norway. The only downside is that both parents often commute to work by plane, and their carbon footprint weighs heavily on their conscience. With feelings of climate anxiety growing, they decide to take action to reconcile their lifestyle with their values. To be the change they want to see, the filmmaker and his family take a giant leap of faith and move to 'Permatopia’: a brand new self-sufficient, organic farming cooperative in Denmark. 

Such drastic changes are much easier said than done. As the challenges and sacrifices required for this new life add up, the Mo family’s unity and idealism will be pushed to the breaking point. Will they be able to pull through all together, and still find hope for a better future? A heartwarming and brutally honest film about a family’s attempt to make a real difference under the shadow of climate change.