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Synopsis :

Johnny believes in the future of Africa. He lives in Israel, but dreams of returning home with modern fish farming techniques. His wife, Thérèse, sees little hope back home. She is determined to create the best possible future for their children, whatever the price may be. When their visas expire, tensions between the two arise, leading to an inevitable clash.Emmanuelle Mayer’s directorial debut is a moving documentary portrait, pieced out of ten years of intimate footage.

The screening will be followed by a verbal joust organized by young ambassadors of citizen expression who will debate the following theme:

"Do we live happier in a developed country?"

In collaboration with the ambassadors of citizen expression. They are young people between 12 and 25 years old who have been deploying their actions for the past 4 years in multiple fields from non-violent communication to intercultural strategies, from public speaking to individual coaching, from cultural issues to environmental and sustainable issues.

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