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The Millenium Film Festival is organizing two days of meetings aimed at documentary film professionals from Belgium and elsewhere. Through films selected from our programme and in the presence of the directors and audio-visual professionals, these meetings provide the chance to address different aspects of documentary creation and the current challenges of the trade.


Wednesday 27th March / From 2pm to 4 pm / Pain Quotidien (Galerie de la Reine, 1000 Brussels) 

  • Subjects discussed : Experimental set-ups, staging your character and exploring different narrative and visuals forms in documentary films. 
  • Guest directors :  Nora Agapi – Time Box / Jan Gebert – When the war comes / Marie Van Vollenhoven – Paperland

Thursday 28th March / From 3pm to 6pm / Pain Quotidien (Galerie de la Reine, 1000 Bruxelles)

  • Subjects discussed : My character has ethical values contrary to my own & When my documentary changes the life and decisions taken by my character
  • Guest directors : Sahra Mani – A thousand girls like me / Jan Gebert – When the war comes / Marie Van Vollenhoven – Paperland
  • Event organised in partnership with La Scam 

These meetings are open to film professionals and film students.
→ To register please send an email to

The meetings will be held in English. 

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Anote’s Ark

Anote’s Ark

Director Matthieu Rytz 2018 Duration 77Min Country Canada

What happens when your nation is swallowed by the sea? With the harsh realities of climate change looming, the low-lying Pacific nation Kiribati must find a new solution for the survival of its people. With sweeping cinematography, “Anote’s Ark” interweaves two poignant stories.



Director Karina Holden 2017 Duration 77Min Country Australia

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. With the mass industrialization that has occurred in the oceans over the last century, more than half of all marine life is already lost. Industrial scale fishing, habitat destruction, species loss and pollution have placed the ocean in peril. “Blue” sets out the challenges we are facing and the opportunities for positive change.

Farine, Sel, Eau et Savoir Faire

Farine, Sel, Eau et Savoir Faire

Director Rino Noviello 2018 Duration 50Min Country Rino Noviello

“Farine, sel, eau et savoir-faire” presents the artisans who allow Sébastien, the baker of La Mie qui Roule, to have a quality raw material for his sourdough bread; Pierre, the grain farmer, Joseph, the miller and Pascal the salt worker. The film director provokes a reflection on our society of food abundance in which bread has simultaneously lost its nutritional richness, its symbolic importance and the attention of consumers…