"World's Workers" Competition

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Romania is changing, and Geo, a young Romani coppersmith, lacks the means to support his wife and his 6-year-old son. The farmers from the surrounding villages do not buy his copper handmade objects anymore. For Geo and his wife, Marina, going abroad is their final option.
Village People is an intimate and philosophical portrait of small villages in north-western Bulgaria – the poorest region in the European Union. This mosaic film offers us a slice of life from rural Bulgaria through the confessions of the little people about not so little things – cows, life, faith, death, the benefits of dogs and mice, the need for blonde waitresses, Jean-Paul Sartre and existentialism, river fishing, old fortune tellers and the wind.
Paul works in Michael Flynn’s mattress shop, which is close to bankruptcy. In order to save both his job and the business, he embarks on a crazy marketing mission and transforms his employer Mick into “Mattress Mick” who creates a buzz on the Internet. Are crisis, success and friendship, a good mix?
On a dark winter’s night, a trawler returns to the old port of Reykjavík, Iceland. On board, 20,000 boxes of frozen fish, which the workers have 48 hours to unload. While they tackle this impossible task, these men tell the story of their lives, beautiful, sad or amusing.
Are alternative management and a new way of working possible? After four years of struggle against their boss, the employees of Unilever, those who are called the Fralib, take the control of their factory and work without him. They collectively handle their cooperative. How will everyone live after such a long struggle and such a beautiful victory? What can transforming work inside a neoliberal economics mean?
In the Romanian village of Lunguletu, 1,000 farmers on their tractors sit on 100,000 tons of cabbages, waiting for customers. At the end of the day, they either sell their produce for nothing or destroy their crops. Serban, intrigued by the possibility of buying 1 ton of cabbages for only 20 euros, decides to spend one year in the village and to find out if there is any way out of this deadlock. The mayor and certain villagers have ideas and possible solutions. Yet can they overcome their fear of a collective farm? A satire of the current reality of agriculture in Europe.
What condition is public health in today? For two years, Belgian filmmaker Jérôme Le Maire captured everyday life in the surgical department of one of the biggest hospitals in Paris. After permanent budget cuts and being constantly under severe stress, the employees fight to do their job on a daily basis, while the decision-makers impose ever-increasing productivity.
Deep in the ocean, sunbeams run through the water. In a little boat in a small Japanese village, seven women prepare to dive without an air tank. The air in their lungs will be enough to pick abalones from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. These “sea hunters” do this every day and this custom along with their extraordinary technique, is more than 2,000 years old.
Domestic work represents a real market in Lebanon, segmented according to the national and ethnic origins of the worker. Zein El-Amin manages a maid agency. In a catalogue, he helps each client to choose the best candidate according to his or her needs. A Maid for Each observes the components of this system that transforms young women coming from Africa and Asia into merchandise to be exchanged. In this business, the notion of a maid is utterly dehumanised and becomes a product.