Panorama The Path of Life

Shilan, a young Kurdish nurse, works voluntarily in a refugee camp in Kurdistan, Iraq. When she meets a woman who refuses to eat and to be interact with the outside world, Shilan decides to take action to prevent a further tragedy.
Bassam Ayachi, a Syrian, has lived in Europe with his French wife since the 1960s. When tensions rise in the Middle East and rebels fight against the Syrian President, Bassam’s son, Abdelrahman, decides to join the Syrian resistance to defend the country. Filmmaker Stéphane Malterre closely followed the family for three years, accompanying their Jihadist son on several campaigns.
The efficient development of a young child occurs when he feels protected and loved. The first years of life play a crucial role in the fulfilment of the child and in his future success. The Beginning of Life features how we can create a better society by investing in the first years of our lives.
In 2014, the Yezidi city of Shingal in northern Iraq was conquered and destroyed by Daesh. In a deserted coal mine on the Turkish border, thousands of Yezidi refugees wait for a safe return. Through the eyes of an older man, a teenage boy and a family, Shingal Where Are You? depicts a persecuted minority’s quest for a new homeland.
Anything can happen on the roads, especially in Russia. Everything is shot by a dashboard camera. This fascinating mosaic of asphalt adventures presents us an absurd, comical and intimate portrait of Russia.
Brankica roams the “wall of death” on her motorbike, defying gravity and time since childhood, for the duration of the show, over the time of a passage. Her life is cadenced by the fairgrounds and the nomadic existence of vendors of entertainment and “dreams”; a modest routine built on repetition. Her brothers are now dead, or have been injured, and the glory days seem gone. Like the perspective of a child who has grown up, the excitement has given way to fear and to the urgency of necessity. Mladen Kovačević draws a benevolent and visionary portrait of an adventurer seemingly forever condemned to ride or fall.
A devout Muslim, a family man and a police assistant, who was a dedicated servant to the Mubarak regime confesses to the corruption and violence he routinely committed as a police assistant, in the middle of the Egyptian revolution.
Madame Saïdi paints the portrait of an unusual, old Iranian woman. She’s the mother of a martyr and a well-known personality in Ali Abad, her popular neighbourhood located in the south of Tehran. To everyone’s surprise, Madame Saïdi has become a movie star in her old age. She’s an eccentric and paradoxical character in a very complicated society. She does extaclty the opposite of what we would expect. Madame Saïdi is always ready to laugh, and above all, to play.
In a remote and tiny community limited by the unforgiving environment of the Altiplano, in Argentina, a married couple of teachers created their own educational project. Focusing on the impact of this educational project on the community, Los Sentidos reveals the ties between teachers, children and their families, and also uncovers the ambitions, desires, and the obstacles of a community facing fundamental challenges in the near future.
I Am Not Your Negro is a reconstruction of James Baldwin’s book about the question of race in the USA . The documentary focuses on the value of Afro-Americans in contemporary American society after the murders of civil rights leaders such as Malcolm X, Medgar Evers (member of the NAACP) and Martin Luther King, by exclusively using the author’s words.