Développement personnel

Mon premier rôle shows the alternate portraits of two friends, mathilde et nina, from the ages of 17 to 20. They are worried about the end of school because they have to make choices for their future. The movie follows them facing the social pressures they meet (competition, failing or winning, the threat of unemployment). In this context, their drama course is like a breath of fresh air, a space of freedom, where they can express themselves and build their own personalities.
A poetic movie film on personal and collective memory. A woman of Tturkish origin, following old Anatolian practices, walks down through the ruins of a Roman-era hospital and down the streets of a mountain village antod invites us to change the way we see the world.
At just thirty four years old, the director Simon Fitzmaurice learns that he has four years to live. Instead of being shattered, he decided that his greatest defiance against illness would be to direct his first feature film. He drew strength from his deepest desires and despite total physical incapacitation, seven years later, he completed My Name is Emily (2015), directing it by only using his eyes thanks to Eye Gaze technology. This film becomes an ode to life where every second, every relationship and every smile has its importance. Can strength and the desire to live transform death ?
Living in a slum in Seoul for twenty five years, Sang-Hyeon does not believe in the NGO’s help. He is determined to stand on his own two feet. When a NGO proposes him a work, he faces a dilemma.
Twenty-two-year-old Oleg doesn’t live up to his mother’s expectations, Marina. She thinks of him as a “autistic loafer” and he does not correspond to her masculine ideal. Oleg doesn’t have any friends and is scared of having a romantic or sexual relationship. Marina subjects him to a series of treatments, each one more absurd than the other, in order to try and rouse him from his lethargic state. Oleg’s salvation eventually comes from an unexpected source: theatre.
Over two years, the Hussin brothers ride their bicycles through the American South. They explore remote areas, seeking out creative and innovative means of reclaiming local culture and rebuilding the local economy. Several communities take them in, offering them shelter and sharing their culture with them. An insight into another emerging America.