Margarita, a Russian rhythmic gymnast, is struggling to become an Olympic champion.

“The Great Gate”, an almost deserted Bulgarian village on the border with Turkey, and its 38 elderly voters have to elect a new mayor. Among the candidates, Ivan the postman has come up with an unconventional plan to breathe new life into his village: to welcome the Syrian refugees passing by their border every day. Following the three candidates’ campaigns, this film draws a tragicomic portrait of a sleepy village that suddenly finds itself awaken by the European crisis.
The story of a great friendship and a shared battle. Finninsh Riita and Ugandan Catherine have some things in common; their work, a shared home and their sense of humor. Together, they broach women’s rights to their bodies, sexuality and life with religious leaders, in order to break taboos. Leaving Africa depicts the empowerment of women and its impact on individuals, communities and global development.
If Facebook was a state, it would be the most powerful in the world. With 1.4 billion users, Facebook connects two thirds of the planet and holds a great deal of democratic potential. This film reveals the, power and influence of Facebook on private life and freedom of speech.The world’s largest social media outlet encourages us to share everything, however, the company is far from being transparent and it stores all the information of its users.
Twenty-two-year-old Oleg doesn’t live up to his mother’s expectations, Marina. She thinks of him as a “autistic loafer” and he does not correspond to her masculine ideal. Oleg doesn’t have any friends and is scared of having a romantic or sexual relationship. Marina subjects him to a series of treatments, each one more absurd than the other, in order to try and rouse him from his lethargic state. Oleg’s salvation eventually comes from an unexpected source: theatre.

Marzia My Friend is the story of an Afghan woman in her twenties.


Three young women from different parts of Finland all have blogs where they share a specific part of their lives.

Tango was born in Buenos Aires and no one dances tango as passionately as the Argentineans.

With the right technology, a leaf from a tree can sound like a full-fledged musical instrument.

Director John Webster convinces his wife and two small children that the whole family should go on an oil-free diet.