The Millenium Festival is a place of cinematographic discovery, meetings and dialogue.


This year, more than 20 filmmakers, producers, protagonists and speakers will join us to answer your questions at the end of the screenings. Each session promises to be a unique opportunity to better understand their point of view, intentions and feelings, whilst sharing your thoughts at the same time.



Saturday the 25th of March :


Sunday the 26th of March :


Monday the 27th of March :

  • Kazarken : 18h45 – Cinéma Galeries - Guldem Durmaz (filmmaker)
  • Mon premier rôle : 19h – Actor’s Studio - Marika Piedboeuf (filmmaker)
  • The Begining of Life : 19h - CIVA - UNICEF, Catherine Joie (moderator)
  • Demain l'usine : 20h15 - Cinéma Galeries - Philippe Vansnick (Secretary General of CSC) 
  • Mattress Men : 20h45 - BOZAR - Marie-Hélène Ska (Secretary General of CSC), Marc Goblet (Secretary General of FGTB), Gérard Valenduc (associate researcher of the ETUI, Professor of social sciences, new technologies' specialist), Mady Delvaux (Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament), Alain Gérard (moderator).
  • Hide Behind the Sun : 21h – Cinéma Galeries - Lee Chang-Jun (filmmaker)


Tuesday the 28th of March :


Wednesday the 29th of March :

  • Demi-vie à Fukushima : 17h – Cinéma Galeries - Catherine Joie (journalist), Marc Molitor (EcoloJ)
  • Facebookistan : 19h – Cinéma Galeries - Jakob Gottschau (filmmaker)
  • La vie à venir : 19h – Cinéma Aventure - Claudio Capanna (filmmaker)
  • Castro : 19h – Actor’s Studio - Paolo Civati (filmmaker)
  • Leaving Africa : 19h - Cinéma Galeries - Sietske Steneker (Director, UNFPA Brussels Office), Dagmar Schumacher (Director, UN Women Brussels Office), Mintwab Zelelew (policy and programme specialist, regional bureau for Africa UNDP), Sirpa Pietikäinen (MEP & Finnish National Coalition Party), Iiris Härmä (filmmaker)
  • Zona Franca : 21h – Actor’s Studio - Georgi Lazarevski (filmmaker)
  • Brother Jakob : 21h - Cinéma Galeries - Eli Roland Sachs (filmmaker)


Thursday the 30th of March :


Friday the 31st of March :

  • Shingal, Where Are You? : 19h – CIVA - Angelo Rallis (filmmaker), Hans Ulrich Gössl (co-director), Patrice Quesada (IOM) and characters
  • Ongles Rouges : 19h – Cinéma Galeries - Valérie Vanhoutvinck (filmmaker), Dimitra Bouras (Cinergie)
  • Bezness as Usual : 19h – Actor’s Studio - Alex Pitstra (filmmaker)
  • Pas comme des loups : 21h – Cinéma Aventure - Emmanuelle Jacq (productor), Regis Noel (editor)


Saturday April 1st :

  • Madame Saïdi : 17h - Cinéma Galeries - Bijan Anquetti (filmmaker)