Would you like to discover the best in recent documentary film as part of a unique experience?
Presented as part of the Millenium Collection and in collaboration with RTBF.
This year's call for film was a great success !
Congratulations to our Whizz-Kids from the Millenium Web Meetings 2016 !
As part of the Meme pas peur and Vivre ensemble projects, the Millenium team screened Vers une inconditionnelle Liberté, in association with La Gerbe AMO and Les Marbotins ‘s educators.
The Millenium Festival organises film club screenings within the "Tell me your story" thematic programme.
On Thursday, 27 October, at the Cinema Galeries, the Millenium Festival screened Sean McAllister’s A Syrian Love Story, the festival's Objectif d'Or.
Millenium Festival presented Life is Sacred at the opening ceremony of the 2016’s edition!
IDFF FLAHERTIANA is one of the most respected festivals in both Russia and in the ex-Soviet Union. Each year, the Millenium Festival travels to Perm with a selection of its best movies.
A full house for Benjamin Colaux and Christopher Yates!