Millenium Web Meetings 2016


Where gaming and documentary first meet


Since 2010, the Millenium Web Meetings are the must-go meeting-point for fans of new technologies and new communication means. In view of its growing success during the festival, the Millenium team decided to organise an independent event entirely dedicated to the web-doc and the new genres of digital storytelling from 1 – 5 December 2016.
The main happening of the Web Meetings was the 48-hour Cross-Over Lab. Directors, web developers, game developers and graphic designers bundled their skills to explore together the connection between interactive documentary and game. They had 48 hours to create GameDoc prototypes of a professional character, under the theme of "The Tower of Babel".
At the end of the Cross-Over Lab, they pitched their projects to a professional jury, presided by David Dufresne, which handed out different awards.