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MILLENIUM Documentaries on La Trois


Since 2013, the Millenium Festival and the “La Trois” channel have collaborated in order to make documentary films shown at the Festival available on television. Documentaries from previous editions have aired on La Trois as part of the “Millenium Collection,” comprised of films selected for their narrative strength and the pertinence of their focus, along with short reports on the subject of said documentaries. La Trois also presents the “La Trois Award,” a prize that guarantees the winning documentary an appearance on its television channel. By making the documentaries screened at the Millenium Festival more accessible, this project enables films to be distributed and available to a larger public audience.



This year, the new "MILLENIUM Collection" will present no less than 10 documentaries from all over the world, along with debates and interviews of the directors and specialists.




Plastic China - 15 January

The Good Postman - 26 February

Presenting Princess Shaw - 26 March

Congo Paradiso - 16 April

Singing with Angry Bird - 21 May

Passengers - 18 June

Leaving Africa - 10 September

Cambridge - 12 November

Passengers - 26 November

Ghostland - tba




Millenium Collection 2016


In 2016, the Millenium Festival and La Trois will broadcast 5 documentaries on the channel. Each documentary will be accompanied by a short report on its subject.


The broadcasting dates will be announced soon.


The long way home

Boriana Puncheva

21st of January 2016 at 9.25 pm - La Trois


My love don’t cross that river

Jin Mo-young

La Trois Award (Millenium Festival 2015)

13th of February 2016 at 10 pm - La Trois


The Chinese Mayor

Hao Zhou


Toto and his sisters

Alexander Nanau


Race to the bottom

Poul-Erik Heilbuth, Georg Larsen, Joans Bach, Dagny Björk Kristjansdottir



Millenium Collection 2014-2015


In 2014-2015, the Millenium Festival and La Trois presented 3 documentaries, all of them praised by La Trois as best representing the ethos behind the Millenium Collection.


Death Metal Angola

Jeremy Xido

La Trois Special Mention (Millenium Festival 2014)

26th of March 2015 – La Trois


Mercy mercy

Katrine Riis Kjaer

La Trois Award (Millenium Festival 2014)

16th of October 2014 - La Trois


The reluctant Revolutionary 

Sean Mc Allister

La Trois Award (Millenium Festival 2013)

25th of September 2014 - La Trois



Millenium Collection 2013-2014


In 2013-2014, the Millenium Festival and La Trois aired 7 documentaries.


A Pestering Journey

K.R. Manoj

3rd of April 2014 - La Trois


San Agustin: Low Tide in the Plastic Sea

Gudrun Gruber, Alexander Hick & Michael Schmitt

20th of January 2014 - La Trois


Losers and Winners

Michael Loeken & Ulrike Franke

23rd of January 2014 - La Trois


The Road to Silverstone

Johan Eriksson

12th of December 2013 - La Trois


Le goût du sel

Ndèye Souna Dieye

22nd of November 2013 - La Trois


Bay of All Saints

Annie Eastman

17th of October 2013 - La Trois


Recipes for Disaster

John Webster

19th of September 2013 - La Trois