Opened 30 years ago, in the middle of the Quartier Latin in Paris, my father's hardware store is a meeting point for the neighbourhood and the playground of my childhood years.

Arlit, a desert city in the middle of Niger, was once known as the “second Paris”: an Eldorado who drew migrants from all over the region to work in the uranium mines operated by French nuclear gi

Travelling on foot from Marrakech to reach the dunes of the Sahara, a 600 km journey through the Atlas, a dream for Aurélia.

On the banks of the Maroni and Oyapock rivers, a fatal epidemic of suicide is spreading among the Amerindian youth of French Guyana.

A 78-year-old Indian woman in New York is the world’s most passionate theatergoer. Nicki Cochrane has been going to at least one play every day for more than 25 years.

In or out. Yes or no. Leave or stay. Country versus city. Old vs young. Nationalists versus migrants.

Gwendolyn is a force of nature. At 60 years old for 52 kg, she continues her career as a weightlifter and has already won three titles of world champion and four of Europe champion.

A poetic exploration of the concept of... nothing, narrated in verse by Iggy Pop.

The Foreigner's Home explores Toni Morrison's artistic and intellectual vision through "The Foreigner's Home," her 2006 exhibition at the Louvre.

Inside Folsom Prison, three men from the outside participate in a four-day group therapy with convicts. Each man in the room takes his turn at delving deep into his past.