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In the war waged for the future of the Internet, the protection of personal data and freedom of speech, two men are fighting a fierce battle: Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks threatened with e

Most of the electronics devices we use are made in China, including our smartphones. Smartphones that poison millions of Chinese workers because of the chemicals used to make them.

The film tells the story of a man called Abdolhassan who has built a village for himself and his family in southern Iran in Boushehr. He has managed to electrify the village on his own.

Arlit, a desert city in the middle of Niger, was once known as the “second Paris”: an Eldorado who drew migrants from all over the region to work in the uranium mines operated by French nuclear gi

Mohamed, whose parents died in a terrorist attack, lives and teaches in a small village in Yemen.

DJ Andrew Fearns taps a key on his laptop as he shakes his head to the rhythm. Standing next to him, singer Jason Williamson spits his street-poetic lyrics into the microphone.

In a Sauerland flea market, Susanne Helmer stumbles on the box of a 1970s hair dryer. On this box, the portrait of a young, shy woman who does not seem eager to be there.

A sexual tour guide, an ex-client who is fighting for the custody of the child he had with a prostitute, and a regular client who is trying to sleep with the highest number of prostitutes possible

One funeral, two weddings and endless flights between the USA and Israel.

Vincenzo has always led a marginal existence. He is now 42 and has not seen his daughter for a long time. One day, he takes the train to go and see her, not even knowing if he will be welcome.