Panorama Connaître l'Autre

Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service is a fascinating and controversial documentary film about one of the most prestigious animation film-makers in

Leone is the manager of a bar in Paris, an ogress with bad manners strutting around the tables of the regulars.

Because of the current explosion of artificial electromagnetic waves, some people are seeing their lives seriously troubled - both socially and health wise.

Five men had to leave their families due to of different problems (addiction, poverty…) and now rent a bed in a men’s dormitory.

The Final Stretch is the story of a community paralysed by unemployment and immersed in its own Grande Bouffe on the delta of the Ebro river where the land is

Georgetown, Guyana, South America. Muscle has his eye fixed firmly on the middle class, hoping to pull his extended family up with him.

In Kosovo, the time has come for democracy and human rights.

Mitch is an autobiographical film, the portrait of a 40-year-old schizophrenic who plays an active role, as one of two directors and as the cameramen, in the making of

The Sonepur Fair in India is about to start! Amazing event, magic carnival full of exotic dancers, exorcists, tumblers and elephant trainers.

In many quarters of Naples the collection of the spruces for the bonfires of Saint Anthony is a tradition, a ritual, an adventurous game that the kids pass down from g