Bernard Maris, alias Uncle Bernard, was assassinated on the 7th of January 2015 during the Charlie He

A young Galician filmmaker emigrates to Sweden, where he performs a range of part­time jobs.

Mumbai wants to become a “world-class” city while more than half of its population lives in slums and in inhumane conditions.


The film tells the story of Ana’s life, a journalist who has travelled around the world. She draws attention to the terrible failures vis-à-vis human rights.


A European filmmaker is making a movie with children living in a home for socially excluded youngsters in Tangier, Morocco.

Aziz is a famous Moroccan musician resident in Spain. He gives concerts all over the world and after a music tour, travels to his homeland.

It’s a film about guilt and broken dreams.

Nadia was a little girl when a bomb dropped on her home in Afghanistan and disfigured a large part of her body and face.