This year, the Millenium Festival celebrates its 10 years, or more precisely 9 years and half, for the first edition of the Festival took place in September 2009.


During these 10 years, the Festival has kept true to its original demands on the quality of the vision offered on reality, in a bid to prevent it vanishing under the stereotype of false realism.


Today, the might of the mass media bombards us with fragmented and anecdotal images and information leading to standardization and loss of meaning. As for the Festival, it is still determined to fuel perspectives and debate and to encourage the mobilization of citizens on the major issues of our time.


We are faithful to our ambition to foster a culture of documentary cinema and to share it with an ever growing audience that matures and evolves with the Festival.



Lubomir Guéorguiev

President, Millenium Festival















The Millenium Festival offers an international programme composed of the most remarkable films of the past year, selected among 1,300 applications. Above all, it invites us to reflect on the ways the best documentary cinema succeeds in combining a sophisticated formal quest with an exploration of reality in all its complexity and often surprising depth.


During this year’s edition, this reflection will tackle some major themes of our globalized world: quality and manipulation of information, total surveillance, environmental challenges, future of work and gender interaction. In the wake of these pressing issues, the programme focuses on exemplary figures, simple citizens that dare to transform their destiny and that of those around them.


In this material world, the Festival is a spiritual feast. How many encounters, warm debates and generous exchanges have taken place during those ten days! We invite you to share them with the many artists coming from all over the world to present their works.


Zlatina Rousséva

Artistic Director, Millenium Festival