Up In Smoke

Adam Wakeling
Adam Wakeling
Claire Ferguson
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Tue, 17/04/2012 (All day)

The “Slash and burn” is the desperate solution that 250 Million rural families use all over the world. Each year after only one reasonable harvest they leave their fields now arid and infertile to slash more forest. The burned trees reject as much CO2 as the whole world transport. Mike Hands, former researcher at the University of Cambridge, has found a solution to this problem that he tested by surveys paid by a mortgage loan he covered with the family farm. He has been fighting for 25 years with a few convinced farmers to spread his method person after person, hectare after hectare…

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Adam Wakeling began his career in television working, where he oversaw the international broadcast placement and media agency collaboration. With the advent of TV Corp International, he began developing company formats specifically for the Latin American marketplace. He later worked for the 3DD Group, one of the world’s leading music entertainment producers and distributors and eventually reached the Head of International Co-Productions. Whilst there, he developed the concept for “Up in Smoke”.