Providence. Notre protection sociale en jeu


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Following a ruthless campaign against your political opponents, you are now the head of State of Providence, an island with a thousand faces. Eager to make your mark, you embark on what could revolutionize your whole country: the establishment of a new social welfare program.


This serious game puts you in the shoes of a head of state defining the welfare policy of their country. Through video interviews, articles, and computer graphics, seek advice from experts, NGO representatives, trade unions and politicians. But beware, each of your decisions may change the lives of the inhabitants of Providence. The social justice barometer gives you an idea of ​​the impact of your decisions on your fellow citizens. Consisting of three regions with diverging socio-economic realities, you have to find a balance between the different social demands of the inhabitants of the island.


This interactive experience developed by Switch asbl and CNCD-11.11.11, the Belgian confederation of NGOs, is accompanied by a documentary film taking you from Bolivia to Senegal and Belgium, to illustrate the different realities of social protection in the world. While gradually dismantled in Europe, social welfare programs become a priority in many developing countries. 


Original language(s): French/Spanish/Wolof

Subtitle languages: French

Production date: 2014/15

Production country: Belgium

Direction country: Belgium/Bolivia/Senegal


An initiative by CNCD-11.11.11 - Drawings from “Johnson m’a tuer” by Louis Thellier


(Documentary) Team

Production : Switch asbl

Head of production : Antonella Lacatena

Direction : Antonella Lacatena and Yann Verbeke

Scenario : Antonella Lacatena and Carine Thibaut

ImageYann Verbeke

Editing : Yann Verbeke and Thomas Fournet-Oberlé

Additional Images : Eléonore Coyette

Archive Images : Sonuma - RTBF; Line Press

Sound editing and mixing : Mathieu Calant

Music : Mathieu Calant

Callibration : Miléna Trivier

Translation : Yasmina Lomelle and Mamadou Sakhir Sy


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