Losers And Winners

Michael Loeken & Ulrike Franke
Michael Loeken, Rüdiger Spott
Ulrike Franke, Csaba Kulcsar
Guido Krajewski
Filmproduktion Loekenfranke
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Two cultures collide in this unusual account of globalization, which documents the dismantling of a coke factory in Germany to be transferred and reassembled exactly as it was in China. The Kaiserstuhl coke factory in the Ruhr Valley, a state-of-the-art facility built forf over 650 million euros in 1992, was closed only eight years later when the cost of importing coke became cheaper than manufacturing it. Filmed over an eighteen-month period, this chronicle follows the surprising process, featuring interviews with the Germans workers, the Chinese managers and their low-paid workers.

Bio Director: 

Ulrike Franke studied theatre, film and television, romance literature and art history in Cologne. She received educational grant in the field of film directing from the Filmstiftung NRW in 1992. She continuous works on various television and feature films. She is currently lecturer on documentary film at the ISF – International Film School Cologne and member of AG DOK.


Michael Loeken wrote and directed Ich hatte schon begonnen, die Freiheit zu vergessen in 1981. From 1982 to 1996 he worked as sound mixer on several documentaries and fiction films for TV and cinema. He was member of AG DOK and the award committee for film funding of the Filmbüro NW as well as in the Production II award committee for the Filmstiftung NW.