El sueño de San Juan

Joaquin del Paso & Jan Pawel Trzaska
Joaquin del Paso, Jan Pawel Trzaska
Leszek Freund
Irek Grzyb
De Lord S.p. z o.o.
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A village in the Sierra Madre is inhabited by the last representatives of an ancient Mixteco culture. Deprived of their identity by modern civilization, they are facing an even bigger threat: a landslide triggered by torrential rain that could completely destroy their village. The inhabitants of the Mixtec community conduct an anonymous geological survey of the area, hoping to be relocated to safer grounds. In the meantime, they must survive with limited resources and in a state of constant fear and anxiety. Despite its tragic side, Tzaska and Del Paso’s work succeeds at exposing the beautiful glimpses of the reality of the Mexican sierra.

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Born in Warsaw in 1983, Jan Pawel Trzaska is graduated from cinematography department at the Polish National Film School in Lodz 2005-10. He works as a director and cinematographer for various documentaries and feature films, including Survive Afghanistan, and also videoclips, short films, screened in amany festivals all over the world. He was also a war correspondent during Enduring Freedom mission in Afghanistan. He is currently working on his debut in a feature film titled Gabriel by M. Haremski.


Born in Mexico City in 1986, Joaquin del Paso is currently studying cinematography at the Polish Film School. He shot and directed several short films and two feature films as cinematographer: The Inspection House in 2012 and Hel in 2013. El sueño de San Juan is his first feature documentary.