Connected Walls

While we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 41 separations walls still divide the populations. The webdoc Connected Walls, offers users to virtually break down the walls separating Mexico / United States and Morocco / Ceuta

For two months, the platform has grown in real time thanks to the documentary work of directors, but also through the participation of users via comments, votes and online quizzes. A total of 14 short films were posted every 10 days along with four interviews of local filmmakers!


Real border journal, we discover mules trapped between two realities, confused animals, persons or children filled migrants hopes. Many actors who engage cameras of our local filmmakers teams.




Directors: Wielemans Sébastien, Fernandez Valeria, Enriquez Fidel, Gutiérrez Irène, Drissi Youssef


Languages : Anglais, Espagnol, Français


Shooting location : Belgique


Team Web Documentary  :
Sound : Julien Defrance
Webdesigner : TWINSKI (Jarne Uyttersprot, Yordi Uyttersprot)
Graphism :  Stijn Van Doorslaer (Lovestain)


Production :  Grizzly Films
Co-production : Progress in Work!


Production date : 2014



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