Burning Out

Jérome Le Maire
Jérôme Le Maire
Jérôme Le Maire
Marianne Roussy
Romain Cadilhac
Matyas Veress
Jean-Luc Fichefet
Denis Séchaud
Arnauld de Battice
Isabelle Truc
Félicie Roblin
Elisa Garbar
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Tue, 28/03/2017 -
19:00 to 20:25
Cinéma Aventure

What condition is public health in today? For two years, Belgian filmmaker Jérôme Le Maire captured everyday life in the surgical department of one of the biggest hospitals in Paris. After permanent budget cuts and being constantly under severe stress, the employees fight to do their job on a daily basis, while the decision-makers impose ever-increasing productivity.

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Jérôme Le Maire is a Belgian director, born in Liège in 1969. He studied Journalism at the University of Brussels and filmmaking at IAD. After graduating in 1995, he directed several short fiction films. In 2003, he made a feature length documentary, Volter ne m’intéresse pas, and in 2006, while living in a small palm grove in Morocco, he directed Where is love in the palm grove?, selected for screening at a number of international film festivals and also nominated at the European Films Awards. In 2012, his film Tea or Electricity won around thirty awards, including the Magritte for best documentary. In 2013, The Big Trip was also selected for screening at several international film festivals and was released in Belgium and France.

Jérôme Le Maire (filmmaker)