Bay Of All Saints

Annie Eastman
Annie Eastman
Ed Kaufman
Annie Eastman
A Crowded Peninsula, LLC
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In Bahia, Brazil, generations of impoverished families have lived in palafitas, slums on stilts. A government project is supposed to relocate them to new homes, but it remains on hold. Filmed over 6 years, Bay of All Saints is a lyrical portrait of three single-mothers torn between hope and disillusion. Geni, a pizza parlor manager quickly becomes a community organizer; Jesus, a laundry-washer, starts to look beyond her dreams of a Prince Charming who will never come; Dona Maria, a garbage woman, raises her 16 children and grandchildren on her own. The story is narrated by a generous refrigerator repairman as each family is promised a new home in governmental housing, without knowing when, or if this promise will ever be kept.

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Annie first came to Bahia, Brazil in 1999 to work with an education organization. Later she joined Just Media as Associate Producer, Translator, Additional Camera and Assistant Editor. Currently she works as an independent Producer/Editor in Denver. She began shooting Bay Of All Saints at the end of 2004 when she learned of the State of Bahia’s controversial plans to demolish the last of the water slums.