Argentinian Lesson

Wojciech Staron
Wojciech Staron
Malgorzata Staron
Wojciech Staron
Zbigniew Osinski
Staron Film
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Argentinian Lesson with its visual aesthetics, its rhythm and composition parallels a narration of a fiction film. This is a intimate story of friendship between two kids from completely different worlds. 8 years old Janek comes to an abandoned village in north Argentina where his mother supposed to be a teacher. Janek is following his new friend, Marcia who fights alone through the family crisis, mother’s mental disease and father’s absence. Working on yerba plantations and brick factory, he enters the fascinating world of child fantasy, and is introduced to the bitterness of the childhood prematurely contaminated with the problems of the grown-ups. 

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Wojciech Staron - cinematographer and film director. A graduate of the Cinematographic Department at the Film School in Lodz, he has shot over twenty documentaries and feature length fiction films. Staron is a member of the European Film Academy and Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC). He made his documentary debut with The Siberian Lesson (1998), which was awarded in Amsterdam (IDFA) and Krakow, among others. He received the Silver Bear Award at Berlinale 2011 for his photography to "El Premio".