What can we say about a project to build a nuclear power plant in the post-Fukushima era?

Furthermore, on a seismic zone by the sea? This project is French: nuclear giant Areva is about to build the largest plant in the world in Jaitapur, an idyllic cove located 300 kilometers south of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. France wants to sell India six EPR reactors, the last proud manner of Areva, to meet the growing needs for electricity in the country.
The future plant will be built on a seismic risk site, where 10,000 people live on fishing and production of mangoes exported worldwide.
Over there, the surprise quickly gave way to stupor. An Indian will say to you: "Are vah!" (* "Wow!").
India, which opened to civilian nuclear market since 2008, wants to attract foreign companies on its soil minimizing their liability in the event of a major incident.


For its part, France is looking for its export model and confirms its nuclear obsession. All this despite a freeze on new nuclear projects in the world due to the Japanese crisis.


What are the costs of these great challenge?

Combining photos, video, sounds and data journalism, webdocumentary Are Vah! offers an immersive investigation into the causes of this industrial ambition and risks of the project through the Indian specialists answers.


Directors : Micha Patault et Sarah Irion


Languages : Français, Anglais, Hindi

 Subtitle : Français, Anglais


Shooting location : Inde, Jaitapur


Team Documentary:

Editing : Camille Adelin
Sound : Gabriel Guerin
Post production : Nicolas Bourniquel       


Team Web Documentary:

Editing : Conrad Chemetoff

Sound : Gabriel Guerin
Developer : The Pixel Hunt
Illustrator : Théo Guignard


Production : FATCATFILMS

Co-production : RFI


Production date : 06/07/2009

Country of production : France

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