Mladen Kovacevic
Pablo Ferro
Aleksandar Protić
Nataša Damnjanović
Horopter Film Production, Helmi Films
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With the right technology, a leaf from a tree can sound like a full-fledged musical instrument. We learn this in the amusing and beautiful film about a small Serbian village, which throws all its love on what must be the most primitive instrument ever. In true Tarkovsky-style, the film begins with windy treetops in slow motion, life slowly and silently passes in the village and the leafs fall from the trees. Josip and Petar gather to play the leaf and, helped by the excentric Vera, the learn the phonetics of it. An extraordinary and taciturn friendship then grows between these three people. 


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Mladen Kovačević has studied film in Belgrade, at London International Film School, Cape Town Film and Television School and AFDA, The South African School of Film, Television & Dramatic Art in South Africa. For his feature length student film Shroud, he earned a "Student of the Year" award. Since his wholehearted dedication to documentaries a few years ago, he made two commissioned documentaries : one thematic documentary Dumbfounded Hog, and has just finished a debut documentary feature Anplagd. Currently commencing the shoot of an epic documentary The Wall of Death, and All That.