Ana Ana

Corinne van Egeraat, Petr Lom
Sarah Ibrahim, Nadine Salib, Wafaa Samir, Sondos Shabayek
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Petr Lom
Corinne van Egeraat, Petr Lom
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Sat, 21/03/2015 -
21:30 to 22:45
Cinéma Aventure

This is a cinematic poem about four young, creative, Egyptian women. Most of the material is filmed by the characters themselves, who worked with the film’s directors in a process of collaboration and mentorship over a course of two years. The four main characters find creative ways to express what is hidden within their hearts: speaking of their dreams and desires in an extraordinarily open and intimate way, and using metaphors, and cinematic storytelling to transform the every-day struggles of their lives into the sublime.


Additional screenings:  24/03 - 11:45 - Cinéma Aventure

                                     25/03 - 19:30 - Cinéma Aventure


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Petr Lom was born in Prague in 1968, and grew up in Canada.  A former academic with a Ph.D. in political philosophy from Harvard, he gave up his academic career in 2003 to become a documentary director and producer. His award-winning films have been broadcasted in over thirty countries and screened at the most prestigious international film festivals (Sundance, Berlinale, Locarno, Rotterdam). Filmography: Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan (2004); On a Tightrope (2007), Letters to the President (2009); and Back to the Square (2012), a film about injustice in the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution (nominated for the Prix Europa).


Corinne van Egeraat is an experimental filmmaker with a background in both theatre and documentary directing, Egeraat has long focused on personal storytelling, with a particular interest in working with artists and the subject of creativity. Selected filmmaker of the year in the Netherlands in 2004, she has made several feature documentaries broadcasted primarily in the Netherlands and shown on international film festivals: Lord of the Jungle (2000), Cowboys in Kosovo (2004), Speeding on the Virtual Highway (2007), Bridging the Gap (2008), and Dislocated, an online documentary project for the broadcaster HUMAN (2009/2010). She has also directed programmes about art for Dutch TV, and she teaches documentary film and community based workshops as part of her The Self-Portrait Video Project.


Lom and Egeraat, partners in private life, have worked together in Egypt since the beginning of 2011.