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"A Belgrade apartment divided in two tells us the story of a family and of a country"
Director Talal Derki is able to share the intimacy of a family at war
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The festival organizes again this year  the Millenium Web-doc meetings, international meetings, unique in Belgium, in honor of the web-documentary. Many of the specialists in the field will be present to share their experience with us. 


The Web language is in constant evolution, the web-documentary can enjoy it and offer an alternative to the linear narration. It provides new writing forms, new aesthetics, and more possibilities concerning the interactivity, funding and diffusion. This genre can be appreciated by traditional film lovers but also by the new generation, the so-called generation Y. 


It is therefore important to us to catch young authors' attention towards those possibilities and to create a meeting space that will allow them to exchange with proffesionnals of several sectors. The goal is to boost the evolution of this tool. 

This year's edition of the Web-doc Meetings will take place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd. Here are the activities we planned for you :  


International Competition


This competition is open to all finished web-documentaries. You can register online and a selection will be made by our team in order to select 7 to 10 web-docs that will be in the competition. The selection team will favour projects in connection with the Futuristic Convention. We wish to find traces and insights of a vision of the future.


Chosen projects will be highlighted on our website and proposed to the judging panels starting from February the 23rd 2015.


The International Professional Jury : A team of professionals will look through all projects and gather in our office to elect to winner of the WEB-DOC Award.

Tha Audience Jury : All our public will have the chance to give an opinion on the projects and vote online. The project that will gather the most votes will received the Audience Award


The "Web-doc Breakfast"


These activities will take place during the two mornings of the Web-doc Meetings. They are round tables between professionals and young authors who have a web-doc draft they wish to confront to the comittee opinion. This comittee will be composed of reputed authors, producers and distributors. The interested candidates will soon be able to register online and attempt to be part of the 8 selected applicants  for the Web-doc Breakfast.


Conferences around the place the web is taking in our lives, a vision of the future


Program is coming soon...