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"A Belgrade apartment divided in two tells us the story of a family and of a country"
Director Talal Derki is able to share the intimacy of a family at war
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Do you want to take part in the Millenium Festival 2015 ?

Volunteering is an opportunity to make great encounters and watch high-quality documentaries that can be seen nowhere else!

The Millenium Festival offers various positions which allow you to contribute fully to the festival’s organization and what is going on behind the scenes.


Below you will find a description of the various positions and the responsibilities that go with them:


- Bar

The bar is opened before and after each screening. So you will be behind the bar and serve the public and the guests in a nice atmosphere!


- Entrance check

No surprise here! You will check the tickets at the entrance of the screening rooms. During the screening, you will also have to check if the viewing quality is there and that nobody is trying to enter in or disturb the screening. This way, you will be able to watch the screenings while working !


- Ticket office/reception

Reception and information for the public; tickets sale


- Driver

A lot of directors are invited to the festival to introduce their documentary. Most of them come from abroad and do not know Brussels. Your task will be to pick them up at their hotels and drive them to the festival. An opportunity to make great encounters!

For this position, you should have good knowledge of English and a car.

Gas will be returned to you by the festival.


- Assembly/disassembly

You will mainly work before the festival and at the end of it. You will help us installing the technical structures and make the rooms more welcoming for the public.


- Catering

You will take part in the catering for the event, set up the buffet and serve on site the team and the guests. You will also clean up to maintain a welcoming place.


- Introduction of the documentaries

If you have a particular interest in documentaries and you wish to take part in their introduction, you can also help us with the introduction of the documentaries to the public before the screenings.


- Promotion

You will take part in the promotion of the festival before and during the festival. Your task will be to paste posters and distribute flyers in the neighborhood.


- Photographer

We are also looking for apprentice and professional photographers who will capture the key moments of the festival. The pictures will be put on our website and Facebook!

Workers should bring their own material.


Each volunteer will receive a Pass for the whole festival so that he/she can attend to all the screenings and debates that take place outside working hours. According to the number of working hours, food/drink tickets and extra pass to invite your friends will be given to you!


Interested ? Fill in this registration form and we will come back to you in the following days!

Any questions?  contact@festivalmillenium.org


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