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Will a simple citizen be able to make a multinational corporation abide by the law?
We all have an electronic device such as a smartphone, a computer, a food processor ... But what do we know about their construction and the people who make them ?
Will work still be the same in the future? Will the machines replace us?
Tuesday 20th of March at 8PM at BOZAR, join in the atmosphere of the Opening Ceremony of the Festival!
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After the success of Saturday, Nouvelle-Orléans, Laboratoire de l'Amérique will be screened again ! If you missed it, or of you want to see it again, it's possible on TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 6PM at Cinéma Galeries.


Nouvelle-Orléans, Laboratoire de l'Amérique - tue 28/03 at 6PM at the Cinéma Galeries

More than 10 years after Hurricane Katrina - the deadliest hurricane in US history - struck, New Orleans is being rebuilt. Under such emergency conditions, the town is experiencing of the effects of capitalism combined with this unprecedented disaster and symbolises a country where the gap between the rich and the poor is still widening.




! Watch out ! Wednesday, March 29TH, Leaving Africa will be screened at 7PM at the Cinéma Galeries (not at the CIVA) !


Leaving Africa - wed 29/03 at 7PM at the Cinéma Galeries

The story of a great friendship and a shared battle. Finninsh Riita and Ugandan Catherine have some things in common; their work, a shared home and their sense of humor. Together, they broach women’s rights to their bodies, sexuality and life with religious leaders, in order to break taboos. Leaving Africa depicts the empowerment of women and its impact on individuals, communities and global development.