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"A Belgrade apartment divided in two tells us the story of a family and of a country"
Director Talal Derki is able to share the intimacy of a family at war
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Through its special competition dedicated to the youth, the festival will open the debate on several questions: What engenders migration? When young people engage themselves into a struggle that is not their own, do they really measure the consequences? How do kids left to their own devices pull through? The teenage years being a period of quest for identity, during two days young people will have the opportunity to debate on subjects and stories that concern them directly.


Discover the selection "young vision" online, there’s still time to suscribe and to be part of this experience.








What are the hopes and the perspectives for the future of today's workers ? How does the run for profit impact on working conditions? Do alternatives really exist? What are the possible solutions for workers in order to get their life back under control?


The "World's Workers" selection, created in partnership with the CSC, presents movies offering a different perspective of the working world and the way it is experienced. Discover the selection of films here.