Millenium Web Meetings Awards

We all have an electronic device such as a smartphone, a computer, a food processor ... But what do we know about their construction and the people who make them ?
Will work still be the same in the future? Will the machines replace us?
Tuesday 20th of March at 8PM at BOZAR, join in the atmosphere of the Opening Ceremony of the Festival!
A Master class and two screenings pay homage to the great Czech filmmaker on 21 and 22 March.
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Congratulations to our Whizz-Kids

from the Millenium Web Meetings 2016 !


The Millenium Web Meetings started with a jovial opening ceremony, organised in collaboration with the Belgian game associations, uniting over 80  game professionals at the BrewDog in Brussels. Then, we kicked off the 48-hour Cross-Over Lab last Friday, December 2nd, in Molenbeek and two days of intense creation resulted in 5 very original and promising GameDoc prototypes. The participants, who came from totally different fields and backgrounds, succeeded successfully crossed these borders  in order to create true GameDocs.

The Lab culminated in two pioneering masterclasses from David Dufresne and Anita Hugi on their interactive experience DADA-DATA and the GameDoc Hors-Jeu.

The closing ceremony that followed was a great moment for networking and a celebratory closure of the 6th edition of the Millenium Web Meetings!


Now it's time to congratulate the 18 whizz-kids who participated in the Lab, as well as all members of the jury, presided by David Dufresne.

The winners are...

The Grand Prix and the RTBF Award :  The Equilibrium

This GameDoc raises awareness about anxiety disorders by immersing users a day in the life of someone with anxiety.
“A project that has a good potential of reaching out to people, while offering a topic area in connection to urban, contemporary issues“ (Sophie Berque, Head of RTBF Web-Creation)


The de KissKissBankBank Award : The Golden Forest

The Golden Forest explores the power of human resilience. Re-embracing life after the suicide of a loved one is not an easy thing to do. On a journey through the fictional world, information, guidance and practical tools are handed to the user to experience his grief in a constructive way. 

"A project with a high potential of reaching and connecting to a large community." (Edouard Meier, head of KissKissBankBank Benelux)


The Youth Award :  A Friendly Game?

A Friendly Game? puts you in the shoes of an Eastern Congolese woman starting her own football team. Through sport, you aim take the minds of the young women in your neighborhood off the poverty, rebel groups, corruption, violence and mass rape typical of the region, and rebuild their hopes.


We would kindly like to thank our partners who put a great deal of effort into making this edition real!

We very much look forward and expect to see you all again next year!
Check out the photos of these 5 cross-over days on our Facebook


With the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Région Bruxelles-Capitale